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Ahlman Performance congratulates Mark Heidaker, Kevin Kesterson and the entire M2K Motorsports team on improving their record breaking Texas Mile run to 300.4 mph in their Ford GT! We are proud to play a part with Ahlman Performance 4 way adjustable Ohlins shocks, damping settings, Hyperco springs, bump stops, bump stop gaps, ride heights and alignment that Ahlman Engineering custom developed for this car. This setup achieved the best balance of putting an estimated 2500 horsepower to the ground and maintaining high speed stability.

Read more about the record breaking run and see video on the Road And Track Website, and see more vehicle technical details in this article from JE Pistons:

When it comes to the GT, few can claim to have Scott’s level of expertise. “He was one of the original suspension engineers for the GT when he was at Ford,” Kevin notes. “We got in contact with him, and he set us up with some custom four-way Öhlins coilovers. That helped us get the stability we needed, and after he worked with us at a few events, we got the car to 281 mph at the Arkansas Mile.

Pictures courtesy of M2K Motorsports and JE Pistons