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We test products on our own high-performance cars, like the Audi R8, to ensure safe performance through better connection to your car. Our products are designed and developed as a complete system. We carve corners in the hills, canyons and world-class race tracks for our own chassis tunes.

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We offer suspension, brakes, wheels and other products for a wide range of high performance, production cars.

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Making my R8 what it should have been from the factory. A review of my custom Ohlin's TTX from Ahlman Performance. Since having them installed, (Scott can have them set with all of the right settings before they come to you) I have put over 2k miles on them ranging from canyons to back country roads to highway touring road trips. One word to describe them. Perfect. This is one of the only things in recent memory that I have not had some aspect of buyer’s remorse over. With this setup Scott delivered everything he promised. My car feels as Scott would say “in the track as opposed to on it” and yet it somehow rides almost as well as my wife’s Macan with an air suspension even though I’m lowered 1/2 an inch from stock ride height.

@FRISKY on R8Talk.com