Ahlman Performance

IMSA LMP3 Volt Racing

IMSA LMP3 Volt Racing

Volt Racing / Archangel Motorsports - 2021 Season - 1st Four Races
Ahlman Engineering / Scott Ahlman led vehicle dynamics analysis, test planning and on-track testing for Volt Racing's first season in IMSA LMP3.

LMP3 was the only IMSA class that did not have Balance of Performance (BoP) which attempts to equalize the cars through weight and power penalties. Therefore, LMP3 speed was based purely on team performance within the rules.

Ahlman's chassis/development work made significant contributions including:

  • Winning its Second ever race in IMSA LMP3 Prototype Challenge at Sebring
  • Fastest car in practice by 1 second for the IMSA LMP3 Prototype Challenge at Watkins Glen

IMSA Drivers Ahlman Engineering supported:

  • Trent Hindman
  • Alan Brynjolfsen